Monday, April 9, 2012

SPOILERS - April 9-13, 2012

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Monday April 9:
Adam delivers Chelsea's baby in the Abbott cabin.
After a vicious rant about Billy, Victor relents and calls Anita, and later, a helicopter to assist Victoria's search for Chelsea. 

Clip: Victoria asks Victor for help finding Chelsea:

Abby and Billy find Chelsea's car.
Adam is out calling for assistance when Vikki, Billy, and Abby find an ailing Chelsea and the baby in the cabin. Vikki says whoever called for help saved the baby's life.
Nikki implores Jack to abandon his plans with Genevieve.
Jack learns Genevieve overheard his conversation with Nikki when the maid tells him Gen had been there.
Ashley warns Tucker about Genevieve.
Genevieve meets with Tucker about BON. They discuss their young romance and he offers for her to stay with the company if he buys it.
Anita shows up in Victor's office ranting about Chelsea being missing as he is trying to get rid of Nikki. Nikki realizes he deliberately didn't tell her what was going on.

Tuesday April 10:
Billy and Vikki worry about the baby.
Jack tells Genevieve he always hoped they'd reconcile. She hisses, "Come on, Jack. I know you're lying to me."
Chelsea says, "I don't want to discuss anything until I see my kid first."
Victor tells Anita, "Take this and don't come back."

Wednesday April 11:
Devon's family learns the outcome of his surgery.
Billy and Victoria celebrate the arrival of their newborn.

Thursday April 12:
Nikki is stunned by Victor's manipulations.
Chelsea wants Adam to tell the truth.

Friday April 13:
Genevieve and Jack prepare to wed.
Daisy causes issues between Michael and Lauren.

Week of April 16:
Nikki leaves Victor and rekindles her passion with Jack.
Genevieve comforts Victor.
Victoria digests the truth about Adam.
Phyllis has the tables turned on her by Ricky.
A tragedy could cost Daniel custody of his daughter.
Harmony and Neil fight their attraction.

Melissa Claire Egan is The Genoa City Athletic Club's Performer of the Week!

For her performance as the manipulated and misunderstood Chelsea Lawson, Melissa Claire Egan is The GCAC's Y&R Performer of the Week.

Chelsea cannot catch a break.  Granted, she had a rather shady start - drugging and taking advantage of Billy in Myanmar - winding up preggos with his baby. However, since that stunt turned out to be yet another puppeteering act by The Great Victor Newman it wasn't hard for me to forgive her.  I don't find it hard to forgive anything anybody in the world does when the deed is done through the manipulations of that man - especially someone who doesn't know any better than to get involved with him.

Since her whirlwind, blackmail-filled initial arrival in town, we've met Chelsea's manipulative mother, Anita, and now know that she is Jeffrey Bardwell's kid, though he refuses to acknowledge her as such.  She's found one genuine friend in town to confide in but that has done her little good since he is town pariah, Adam.  She can't even have a conversation with him in public without being attacked for it.   Granted, Adam has done some horrible things, especially to pregnant woman, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for them both when Victoria informed Chelsea, in Adam's presence: "The last time Adam hung around a pregnant woman he stole her baby."

Ouch. For both of them.

It is a smart move on Victoria's part not to let her guard down too much around the woman who is carrying her husband's baby - the baby she and Billy plan to adopt and raise as their own after he is born.  However, the rest of Victoria's family are smothering the poor woman.  It was a refreshing change to see Abby lighten up on her a bit by last week's end.  She even suggested to Victoria that Chelsea probably just needed some time away from them all, when Victoria became suspicious after Chelsea had been gone from the house too long.  Nikki is a straight-up bitch to Chelsea but it is far too enjoyable to watch Melody Thomas Scott and MCE catfight with each other to complain about that too much.

Melissa Claire Egan sold her character to me from day one.  I didn't like Chelsea at all but I really liked MCE.  Her performance was strong from the start. She more than held her own in her scenes, no small task considering she was thrown in between "Villy", one of Y&R's most popular couples, only weeks after the two finally made their way back to each other after months of agonizing time apart, thanks to Victor.  This past week, her performances have been stellar.  Her mother disappeared; her newly-discovered father won't acknowledge her and her only friend in the world is a man who once kidnapped a baby; an act nobody will soon forget.  On top of all that, she is about to give birth to a baby boy she will never hear call her "mom."

What's to come in Chelsea's future remains to be seen but Melissa Claire Egan is a welcome addition to the Y&R cast and has more than earned the distinction of Performer of the Week. 

Congratulations, Melissa!

Y&R Sneak Peek - Week of April 9, 2012


Photo Gallery: Cast at Y&R 39th Anniversary Party

Y&R's 39th anniversary celebration, hosted by the Bell family, was a fun evening for all. Cast members enjoyed dressing up and catching up, as you'll see in these pics:

Y&R 39th Anniversary Party
Hosted by The Bell Family
Photos by: JPI Studios (