Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chelsea Lately - Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea)

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Melissa Claire Egan – whose alter ego, Chelsea, just threw a major wrench into Billy and Victoria’s romance with her “You knocked me up, now you’re going to pay” declaration – is no stranger to playing a character who stirs up a bit, bubbling cauldron of trouble on a soap.
~CBS Soaps in Depth

Says Egan:
“Oh, my gosh, the things I did on ALL MY CHILDREN…I stabbed Erica Kane.  I killed several people!  It’s very surreal! [playing opposite former on-screen brother, Billy Miller] Billy is actually a close buddy of mine.  We’re like brother and sister in real life.  So we keep joking that, because my character is pregnant, and I’ve come to town and say it’s his, we’re like, ‘Ooh, gross, gross! Ooh, that’s just not right!" (laughs)  

"The fun part is that, even though they slept together, the characters hate each other.  I’m more his nemesis as opposed to his love interest.  I’m here with an agenda to hurt him.  It’s a fun dynamic because we actually fight a lot…which is kind of what we did on AMC, too!”

Annie vs. Chelsea.
“Annie [Egan’s character on AMC) was crazy!  She was off her rocker, in and out of mental institutions, emotionally fragile.  You kind of felt bad for her, because you knew she had all these mental problems.  She saw things that weren’t there, and you were almost like, ‘Oh…Annie, that’s so sad!  But Chelsea is more of a con artist.  She’s tough and smart.  She’s like, ‘I’m in control, and I’m going to take you for all your worth!”

Facing ‘Villy’ Shippers Wrath.
“I feel like people are going to hate me…Actually, I know they’re going to hate me! People are going to be ticked off.  Thankfully, she hasn’t come in like the ‘other’ woman, who Billy is interest in.  Chelsea is definitely messing with them, but maybe this will make their love stronger.  You never know! She does a lot of stuff to them – lies about things, doesn’t lie about things.  There probably will be ‘I Hate Chelsea’ blogs! I just hope that fans will love to hate me.  I hope that the fans have fun watching Chelsea and all the problems that she starts.”

Bad Girl Gone Good?
“She’s sort of a bad person now, but hopefully through the writing, they’ll eventually show that she’s human.  That even though she’s a con artist and is causing trouble, they’ll show that she has a heart.

Or Not.
“I feel as long as you play a character where there’s a sense of humility, there’s a sense of being self-aware, that somewhere in there she has a heart, and she’s totally messed up, and that’s why she does these things, then hopefully people will understand.  But I’m not going to worry about it.  You can’t worry that ‘Oh my gosh, if I do this, I might get written off!’  If you do, you do.  It’s part of the business.  You really can’t worry about problems that don’t exist yet.  It may be a concern, but for me, I’m just going to go for it and we’ll see what happens.  We’ll take the ride and see where it ends!”

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